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Bird Pendants

Bird Pendants

14k Gold Bird Pendants We carry a beautiful selection of 14k yellow gold bird pendants. Here we carry a many types of bird pendants such as ducks, peacocks, swan, flamingos, seagulls, roosters, goose, pelican, parakeet and many others. Birds play prominent and diverse roles in folklore, religion, and popular culture. In religion, birds may serve as either messengers or priests and leaders for a deity, such as in the Cult of Makemake, in which the Tangata manu of Easter Island served as chiefs; or as the rooster serves as a tangible vessel of Christ as in the gospel of –Matthew, Mark and Luke in the New Testament with Christ speaking through the cock; or as attendants, as in the case of Hugin and Munin, two Common Ravens who whispered news into the ears of the Norse god Odin. They may also serve as religious symbols, as when Jonah embodied the fright, passivity, mourning, and beauty traditionally associated with doves. Birds have themselves been deified, as in the case of the Common Peacock, which is perceived as Mother Earth by the Dravidians of India.

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